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We are a development studio with more than 15 years of experience, and our step-by-step approach ensures a seamless development process with a powerhouse team at your disposal.

We are a full-service development studio agency that specializes in creating innovative and engaging digital experiences for businesses of all sizes.

We believe in Agile Software Development and its implementation through the Scrum framework, utilizing advanced processes, procedures, methodologies, tools, and best practices in software development.

Our goal is to develop and deliver complex software products with high quality through collaboration, accountability, and iterative progress.

We are always open to forming new partnerships with other companies. In collaboration with companies that produce hardware and other equipment, we have developed a range of products, such as access control systems using RFID devices and barriers, employee time tracking system, ticketing systems, and more. For more details about our products, you can visit the Products page.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping companies realize their full potential by leveraging the latest technology and design trends to bring their ideas to life.

A group of proven experts from the IT industry gathered in one place. Specifically, a few individuals who held various positions in different companies, such as directors, heads of development, Agile Coaches, CTOs, Sales and Marketing Managers, decided to leverage their knowledge, experience, and contacts and open their own company.

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Nemanja Sićević

Founder and CEO. Masters in Software Engineering, Faculty of Technical Science, Novi Sad. Over 15 years of experience in software development. Agile enthusiast, Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master, and RTE in SAFe. Successfully organized and led Scrum teams for several years. Led the R&D department with over 10 Scrum teams.

Zlatko Mitić

Project Manager & Product Owner. Graduated from the Faculty of Technology and subsequently completed an MBA (Brussels diploma). Over 20 years of experience in team and project management. Committed to the Agile & Scrum approach. Successfully organized and led teams in various industries and IT sectors, following processes and projects, ranging from small teams to organizations with several hundred individuals, as well as smaller and larger projects involving investments of several million euros.

Ratko Živković

Software developer. Master's degree in Management from the European University in Belgrade. Worked as a Commercial Manager for nearly ten years and was the owner of a company engaged in food production. During his managerial career, he concurrently completed two courses organized by the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN) in the field of Web development. With his previous experience in management and entrepreneurship, Ratko has gained a wide range of knowledge and abilities, enabling him to transition smoothly into the IT sector.

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