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Time and Attendance

This system was developed in cooperation with the partner company D-Logic, which produces hardware and all supporting equipment necessary for employee work records, such as physical entrance and exit from the premises

Time recording systems provide accurate data to workers and employers about the work engagement of employees. These systems, thanks to their graphic and tabular reports, enable personnel services and management to have a clear insight into the engagement of workers at work. This includes being late to work, overtime, field work, using hot meal breaks, and many other employee activities.

Time and Attendance software, and access control, increase business efficiency and improve facility security. Time and space restrictions on entry into certain facilities and premises of the company directly affect security within the company and better control of the movement of employees.

Hardware based on contactless readers and cards, i.e. tags, recording the time of arrival and departure from work is accurate and safe, and the software component, embodied in the form of several different applications, made in accordance with the needs of the user, is reliable and easy to use.

IP cameras integrated into working time and access control systems record the image of each employee when entering or leaving. This eliminates the possibility of misuse of someone else's card, as well as the registration of multiple cards by one person, as an act of collegiality ("buddy punch in"). The working time record system is divided into the following categories:

  • 1. Small businesses
  • 2. Medium enterprises
  • 3. Large companies


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