Type of service: Software Development

Industry: Manufacturing, 3D modeling and computer-aided design (CAD)

Technologies: C#, WPF, Hoops, OpenGL, C++

A 3D editor used for displaying, manipulating, and processing complex 3D models. Various types of ready-made models written in other tools, in formats such as .cad, .stl, etc...

This editor is used for displaying and simulating the creation of 3D models from various materials such as plastic, metal, rubber, etc.

The editor has been implemented using WPF .NET technology, based on Hoops library.

The goal was to develop an editor that can import existing 3D models and perform manipulations such as rotation, zooming, displaying fine details, dividing parts into groups and layers, displaying certain groups or layers, etc.

Development proceeded using agile development methods with two-week sprints. The team practically contained a mix of members from our side and the client's side, the PO and the chief developer-architect were from the client's side, while the scrum master and developers were from our company. The collaboration was fantastic and the client was delighted.


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