Type of service: Software Developmnt, Project Management

Industry: Agriculture

Technologies: C#, WPF, .Net 5, Angular, Ionic, Entity Framework, MSSQL

Desktop, web and mobile applications for data entry, analysis of soil sampling and recommendations for fertilization.

The goal is to create software for entering soil analysis data and making recommendations based on formulas and processing large amounts of data.

The desktop application is an add hoc creation, without a detailed plan. After several years of using the desktop application, we started agile development of web and mobile applications using the existing database.

A small team of 4 people worked on the development of web and mobile applications. One person was both Scrum Master and Product Owner, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

A database first approach was used for the Entity Framework because the database already existed and it was not necessary to change the existing model, but only to expand it.


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