Type of services: Software Developmnt, Project Management

Industry: The agricultural commodities industry

Technologies: C#, .NET 6, Ionic, Entity Framework, PostgreSQL

An agricultural exchange that enables clients who have a large quantity of grain in silos to make offers, as well as allowing clients who are buying to see all offers and make purchases. Only registered users (companies) can receive offers and demands, while unregistered users can follow the market conditions in the form of currently active prices and the trend of growth and decline, but cannot see specific offers.

As the client already had a desktop application, we developed a web and mobile application that partially replaced the desktop application with extensions, while the old desktop application remained in use for some internal needs in order not to develop something that already exists.

The goal is to develop web and desktop applications for wholesale buying and selling of agricultural products.

In the first phase, a web application was developed that also serves as a dynamic presentation website for the company, with the ability to dynamically display the latest news and articles related to the agricultural exchange, as well as trends in the prices of key products, such as cereals. In this phase, the UX/UI designer played a significant role in helping to visually present the most important elements for all website visitors.

In the second phase, a completely new exchange was launched, with a web and mobile application where subscribed and registered users can follow the state of the exchange, make offers and post ads for demand, trade, and receive notifications for favorite items such as wheat, corn, etc.

During development, the team changed but never exceeded more than 5 members in total. Development proceeded in sprints of 3 weeks each. From the first day, all techniques and best practices of agile software development were used, such as DevOps, test automation, unit testing, tests regression, etc.

Given the expected large number of end-users, and integration with the old database and desktop application that was changed to communicate with the server, a microservices architecture was implemented.


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