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Type of service: Software Development

Industry: Real Estate

Technologies: Java Spring microservices, Quakus, Keycloak, Kogito, Kafka, GraphQL, Angular, Ionic

The system for connecting investors and clients for buying or renting real estate is an IT platform that enables users to search, view and contact a real estate agent via online channels. Additionally, this system offers the possibility of 3D visualization of buildings and each apartment individually.

The 3D visualization of buildings and apartments provides users with a more detailed insight into the space, which can help with the decision-making process for buying or renting. In this way, users can virtually tour the property, see the layout of the rooms, equipment, exposure to light, and other features that they would otherwise only see in person.

This functionality can be implemented in various ways, depending on the technology and resources used by the platform. For example, 3D visualization can be created using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, or specialized programs can be used to create virtual tours of the properties.

The industry for the project you described would be the real estate industry, specifically the online real estate marketplace sector, as the project involves an IT platform that connects investors and clients for buying or renting real estate through an online channel.

In the B2B aspect, the platform could cater to real estate agencies, developers, and investors who are interested in buying or selling large properties or multiple properties. The platform could offer services such as data analytics, market research, and lead generation to help these businesses make more informed decisions.

In the B2C aspect, the platform would cater to individual buyers or renters who are looking for a single property. The platform could offer services such as property search, virtual tours, and access to real estate agents who can help with negotiations and legal documentation.

The goal of this functionality is to provide users with a better understanding of the property, reduce the number of lost visits, and speed up the process of buying or renting real estate.


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